The contradictions of African banking

David Hodnett, deputy chief executive at the time, maintained that senior leadership at Barclays Africa Group Limited (BAGL) was kept in more or less the dark about the announcement.


The contradictions of African banking

The continent is trying to force financial inclusion at a time when international banks are leaving. It is a hotbed of innovation but still lacks essential infrastructure. So how should we look at banking in a modern Africa?


Barclays Kenya replaces KPMG after two years

The decision mirrors that of its parent company Absa group which last year offloaded KPMG in the wake of the South African Auditor-General’s office also terminating its services.


Citi Expands ETF Servicing Capabilities in EMEA

The launch of Citi’s ACES platform highlights our commitment to continuously strengthen our offering and support our clients’ ETF needs holistically across products and geographies.


Standard Bank Namibia not to follow SA on branch closures

In a recent statement the South African bank noted that the actual number of employees who will ultimately exit the employ of Standard Bank SA could be lower, as new opportunities will become available in the new operating model.