Kenya’s elite cart away Sh328bn of World Bank aid

The study compared data on aid disbursements from the World Bank with foreign deposits from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), focusing on 22 aid-dependent countries including Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.


P&ID: FG may file fresh charges against Diezani

The Nigerian government said the 10 banks are “likely to have processed US dollar transactions connected to P&ID’s operations as either correspondent banks or the New York branches of foreign lenders.”


Parliament adopts tax laws amendment bill

The micro, small and medium enterprises will enjoy a reduction of the controversial Turnover Tax (ToT), also known as the patriotism tax, from the current three per cent to one per cent.


African bank chief accused of multiple violations

The bank staff added: "It looks as if a conscious effort is done by some staff members close to the President to sabotage all attempts by the Ethics Committee to perform its duties."