Confronting climate risk

These physical risks from climate change will translate into increased socioeconomic risk


Maitland appointed as corporate trustee to the Green Outcomes Fund

The first-of-its-kind green impact fund adheres to best-practice governance Maitland, the leading global corporate services and administration firm, has been appointed as Corporate Trustee and trust administrator to the R488 million Green Outcomes Fund.


Nedbank join green funding line

The green credit will be extended in partnership with Sunref Namibia as a way of promoting sustainability in various sectors.


How Can Brands Boost Immunity Against the COVID-19 Virus

We gathered insights from the latest February reports from Boston Consulting Group (BCG), McKinsey & Company, and Kantar China, to give an overview of strategic alignment for companies to better survive through the COVID-19 crisis.


Big 4 Agenda Gets Boost With Clean Energy For Manufacturing Sector

The fund’s new strategy incorporates scaling up investments in the manufacturing and agribusiness sectors, as well as a new investment pillar on green infrastructure, including waste management, access to clean water, transmission lines and power st