MENA's Maturing Ecosystem

Major deals so far this year have included a $100 million capital injection in Dubai-based Emerging Markets Property Group


Going green is not a luxury for Africa

However, even as Africa faces new challenges from climate change, it also has major opportunities to expand its economy and reduce still-pervasive poverty


A Green New Deal for Africa

It was a stark reminder of Africa’s vulnerability to the intensifying consequences of climate change.


Go Green Fund Gets N$930,000 Shot in the Arm

The fund is a demonstration of how private corporations can work with civil society to bring about greater change and contribute to Namibia’s sustainable development, based on sound research


UK aid: Largest single direct climate investment in Africa

Over the next five years, the new £250 million UK aid package would ensure UK expertise and experience can help developing countries become more climate resilient and move away from fossil fuels onto cleaner energy sources.