Property Taxes And The Rich, Famous And Powerful In Ghana

To a very large extent, this class of tax-avoiders or evaders are the same people who own significant real estate in Ghana - residential, commercial, and industrial properties as well as large tracts of land in various areas.


Zimbabwe: Tax measures proposed in 2020 budget

The national budget for 2020, presented on 14 November 2019, includes proposals concerning the corporate income tax, value added tax (VAT), capital gains tax, certain indirect and excise taxes, among other provisions.


ENSafrica tax in brief

Requirement that the Applicant’s Rule 56 application be preceded by a valid objection and a valid notice of appeal, discussed.


Nigeria’s $15bn annual loss to tax evasion

In a statement on the event, FIRS said that the regime was part of Nigeria’s commitment to improving transparency in tax administration, increased tax revenue collection, enhanced effectiveness and efficiency service delivery.


ATAF, World Bank partner to strengthen African tax system

The African Tax Administration Forum has in many instances underscored that African countries’ biggest loophole in domestic revenue mobilization was that tax collection revenues lack capacity and thus were not fully effective and efficient in deli