Mauritius to green light offshore funds in 60 days

"If the authorities find that it is not in Mauritius, then the entity is not a tax resident at all, and if it's not a tax resident, then the treaty benefits it gets with other countries will not be available to it," experts said.


Rwanda prefers a wider tax net to raising levies

The government has also introduced changes to cap penalties arising from audits and investigations to a maximum of 20 per cent on any underdeclaration of taxes exceeding 10 per cent of the declared tax.


Investment Tax Breaks

Tax is a big consideration in an investment portfolio, along with various other factors.


Know the tax consequences of off shore trusts

In terms of the “conduit principle”, the source of income earned by a trust flows through to the beneficiary in the same nature in which it was earned by the trust.


Carbon tax becomes law on 1 June 2019 - ENSafrica

The impact of the legislation, along with complementary measures such as the national greenhouse gas emission reporting regulations, will have a transformative effect on the South African economy.


Ghana’s rising debt shows tax system still not working

Central bank governor Ernest Addison has said that Ghana missed its first-quarter revenue target by almost a fifth, while the country’s total debt at the end of March was up 16% from a year earlier – reaching 58% of gross domestic product (GDP