Zimbabweans seek to shelter savings

Makani’s road to disillusionment with Zimbabwe’s pensions system dates to 2009, when hyperinflation forced the government to abandon its sovereign currency and adopt the United States dollar.


KCB makes U-turn on keeping NBK after merger

NBK deposits dropped to Sh82.5 billion in September from Sh91.3 billion in June, a period when the market had knowledge of the merger crafted as rescue deal aimed at pulling the mid-tier lender out of its perennial low liquidity troubles.


Trade and Development Bank, UNEP to collaborate on climate finance

This will include supporting the early stage development and project finance of renewable energy projects, as well as the development of financing mechanisms to allow access to smaller-scale sustainable energy and energy-efficient appliances for household


Only 6% of South Africans will retire comfortably

Van der Merwe says it is never too early to start making provision for retirement. To maintain your standard of living, a proper retirement plan will help to ensure sufficient income once permanent employment is no longer an option.