Bank renews commitment for wealth creation, sustainability

The Managing Director of Ecobank Nigeria, Patrick Akinwuntan, who made the observations during a breakfast session organized for its premier banking customers, said the bank is committed to having regular sessions to educate customers on ways to ensure th


Ecobank empowers customers to sustain wealth

“And this is an issue across Africa and Nigeria being the power house of Africa, it is only appropriate that Ecobank in Nigeria brings together our premier banking customers, and have this kind of breakfast session, where we talk about the real issu


South Africa Wealth Report 2019

The total private wealth held by people living in SA amounted to approximately US$649 billion as at December 2018.


How philanthropy will play a growing role in African HE

Education comes at a cost and Africa has struggled more than any other region to get the funding it needs in higher education. There are many complicated reasons for this, but one ubiquitous explanation is lack of investment.