Finding scaling solutions for the masses

The financial advice they do receive isn’t holistic and is directed towards savings, life assurance or funeral cover needs and less so towards debt management and budgeting.


Exploring AI in Wealth Management

Since then, countries with strict confidentiality status have experienced changes and today firms appreciate that HNWIs have become more tech-savvy and are seeking access to information, instantly and accurately.


Review of the Week: Too much oil

Crazy phenomena like negative oil prices will keep popping up over the coming months warns our chief investment officer Julian Chillingworth. Investors will ignore most of it, but when they do panic, stocks could return to their March lows.


Spotlight on succession planning in Africa

Considering the prevalence of family-owned businesses across the continent, family offices are well placed to facilitate the protection and transmission of wealth.


Machine Learning for non-bankable asset investing

The first bridge to cross for operating non-bankable assets in a wealth management frame is to value them ex-post accurately, which is to be able to provide a reasonably accurate estimate of their price today.